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History - Court Martial of Lieutenant John de Hertel

I came across this brief entry in the December 2016 Fife and Drums Newsletter of the Friends of Fort York. It gave a link to the article and I followed it. The article contains additional information about the early 1815 period when the Canadian Fencibles were garrisoned at Fort York.
-- Keith Lindsey

From the Fifes and Drums Newsletter, December 2016:
Title: Of Importance and Noted
Traditionally private letters and diaries have provided the few insights we’ve had into military
life at a personal level. Now Eamonn O’Keeffe, an eleven-year veteran of the Fort York Guard currently in his third year studying history at Oxford, has opened up another source that’s seldom been plumbed before: the proceedings of military courts- martial. With the publication of his groundbreaking article, "“Such Want of Gentlemanly Conduct:”
The General Court Martial of Lieutenant John de Hertel," in the Fall 2016 issue of Canadian Military History, we get an intimate glimpse into a drunken altercation, an event that took place in Fort York’s Blue Barracks in May 1815. http://scholars.wlu.ca/ cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1829&context=cmh

Plenty of intrigue ensued, including allegations that one officer was beaten with a broomstick and thrown out of a window at Fort York for his “boyish indiscretions.”

The article written by Eamonn O’Keeffe which appeared in the Canadian Military History publication is found here:




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