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The Canadian Regiment of Fencible Infantry
The recreated Canadian Fencibles started in 1986 with a meeting of a group of interested hobbyists, some of whom were already portraying a crown regiment from the American Revolutionary War period.
A Brief History
The origins of the regiment start in 1803 with recruiting in the Scottish Highlands. With limited success, the officers and NCOs were transferred to Canada to continue recruiting and raising the regiment.
More History of the Canadian Fencibles
In the following article David Juliusson, a Program Officer at the fort, continues the story of the Canadian Fencibles begun by Ross Flowers in the last issue of fife and drum.
A Social Study of the Canadian Voltigeurs
French Canadian Participation in the War of 1812: A Social Study of the Voltiguers Canadians by Martin F. Auger, January 2012
Analysis of an 1813 Naval Battle for Supremacy on Lake Ontario
A detailed dewcription of the engagement between British and American naval forces from York to Bronte, near Burlington Bay on 28 September 1813.
Fighting for Naval Supremacy on Lake Ontario - 1813
A detailed description of the naval battle that took place from 7 to 10 August 1813. Includes illustrations.
Discipline During the War of 1812
The article discusses the need for discipline, methods of making soldiers aware of the regulations, and gives some examples.

History - Court Martial of Lieutenant John de Hertel

I came across this brief entry in the December 2016 Fife and Drums Newsletter of the Friends of Fort York. It gave a link to the article and I followed it. The article contains additional information about the early 1815 period when the Canadian Fencibles were garrisoned at Fort York.
-- Keith Lindsey

From the Fifes and Drums Newsletter, December 2016:
Title: Of Importance and Noted
Traditionally private letters and diaries have provided the few insights we’ve had into military
life at a personal level. Now Eamonn O’Keeffe, an eleven-year veteran of the Fort York Guard currently in his third year studying history at Oxford, has opened up another source that’s seldom been plumbed before: the proceedings of military courts- martial. With the publication of his groundbreaking article, "“Such Want of Gentlemanly Conduct:”
The General Court Martial of Lieutenant John de Hertel," in the Fall 2016 issue of Canadian Military History, we get an intimate glimpse into a drunken altercation, an event that took place in Fort York’s Blue Barracks in May 1815. http://scholars.wlu.ca/ cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1829&context=cmh

Plenty of intrigue ensued, including allegations that one officer was beaten with a broomstick and thrown out of a window at Fort York for his “boyish indiscretions.”

The article written by Eamonn O’Keeffe which appeared in the Canadian Military History publication is found here:




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