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Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles
Site of the recreated Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles regiment.
Village of Bath, Ontario
Information about Bath, ON where the Canadian Fencibles appear regularly on July 1st - Canada Day.
Civilians in the Midst of Alarums
A group of people who accurately portray civilian life as farmers, towns people, refugees, and non-military persons affected by war during the War of 1812 and create civilian scenarios before, during, and/or after battles.
Toronto Star article: Remembering the days of York
Toronto Star article by Jim Coyle about York in April 1813 with comments by the co-chair of Toronto's 1812 Bicentennial Commemoration Committee.
Toronto Star: "Remembering 'the fight for Canada', 200 years on
Toronto Star article by Jim Coyle about what was happening in Upper Canada 200 years ago and some current plans for commemoration of the bicentennial.
Loyalist Fifes and Drums
The Loyalist Fifes and Drums regularly appears with the Canadian Fencibles at events. They provide music while we march and on the battlefield. Their music is greatly appreciated. They know and play their music really well. It is always a delight to listen to them. The LFD have been invited to several different events and venues to present their drill and music. Here they perfom at Old Fort Henry in July 2012: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zRoL1OA8ME
Canadian Regiment of Fencible Infantry 1803-1816
Canadian Regiment of Fencible Infantry 1803-1816 Link of interest relating to the Canadian Fencibles and Canadian History topics. Interesting information about the original and re-created Canadian Fencibles regiment. Written by Robert Henderson. Note: don't follow the link on that page for more information - it's out of date. Use the one on this site.
Field Officers of the Canadian Regiment of Fencible Infantry in
A an article by Robert Henderson discussing several field officers of the regiment, including career development, military service and actions, and other insights such as a glimpse of their social life.
The Official British Account of the Capture of Washington D.C.
Includes general and research links.
The Canadian War Museum
Information on the museum, directions to get there, displays, resources, and stories.
Crysler Farm Battlefield Memorial
The Friends of Crysler's Farm Battlefield Memorial is a group of volunteers dedicated to preserving the memory of the stirring victory of Joseph Wanton Morrison's Anglo-Canadian army on November 11, 1813. Includes details of the annual battle reenactment in July.
Battlefield House Museum & Park
The Stoney Creek, Ontario site hosts an annual battle reenactment weekend the first weekend of June. The house, a museum, was occupied by the invading American troops and served as their headquarters.
Historic Fort Erie
Fort Erie was the location of a siege during the War of 1812. Information on the Fort Erie annual reenactment on the second weekend of August. Includes photos of previous battle re-enactments, six letters written from two men who fought at the Battle of York and the Siege of Fort Erie, and links to other sites.
The Royal Yorkers
Canada's largest historical reenactment group. We portray life and military tactics of the American Revolutionary War period. Some members have ancestors who served in the original regiment.
Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada
Official website of the Military Re-Enactment Society of Canada. Information on the regiment, it’s history, photos, and links.
The City of Hamilton Web Site - War of 1812 Search Results
Different articles relating to the War of 1812.
Global Genealogy
Books about different wars (American Revolutionary War, War of 1812, etc.), lifestyles aspects, genealogy, etc. along with maps.
The Distinguished General
The site of the supplier of military reproduction items and uniforms, books, maps, collectibles, etc. A very interesting source of articles about the Canadian Fencibles and life of the War of 1812-14 time. Sound and video clip gallery.
Coghlin and Upton
A supplier of period and modern military uniform parts and other items and accessories.
The Incredible War of 1812 – A Military History
Information about J. M. Hitsman’s book, revised by Donald Graves, with illustrations, maps, and appendices listing military units and their modern descendants.
Canadian Heritage Gallery
Promoting the accessibility, knowledge, and research of Canadian Heritage by publishing via the Internet an extensive collection of historical photos, original documents, Canadian artwork, maps, and illustrations, fully documented and researched for historical authenticity, and presented in a “user friendly” format.
Privateers of War of 1812 buried in Halifax
A year 2000 article from the Boston Globe newspaper by Colin Nickerson about American prisoners of war from naval engagements and the resting of some of them on Deadman’s Island.
Named Campaigns – War of 1812
Background on five battles of the War of 1812: Chippewa, Lundy’s Lane, Bladensburg, Fort McHenry, and New Orleans.
American National Park Services 1812 home page
American National Park Services 1812 home page,
The Canadian Military Heritage Project
Find your Canadian ancestors in free searchable military databases for each war and rebellion. Includes links to genealogical sites and sources.
The War of 1812
Presents links to notes on several land and naval battles in the War, including some old maps/sketches.




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